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Investors, interested in the profit-oriented and future-proof generation of solar power, as well as the best possible return on investment, should decide for the SunCarrier and SkyCarrier series. The continuous alignment of the module surface towards the position of the sun significantly increases the energy yield of the solar module, thereby reducing cost per generated kilowatt hour (kWh).

In terms of commercial viability, the SunCarrier is significantly superior to other system for reasons of size, stability, low maintenance, efficiency and intelligent design features and these make it an enormously profitable and, first and foremost, future-proof investment. With continuous extension of our product range, we supplement and optimise our value proposal for customers with diverse requirements in terms of market, location, technology and investment environment.

Daily energy gain by tracking

Our systems have an impressively large module surface area of up to 287.5 square meters (3,094.61 square feet), which enables profitable scale effects in the implementation of the project and thus also in the price of the system per kWh. The intelligent control system makes the entire system extremely efficient.

Especially in the summer months, the SunCarrier and the SkyCarrier have a significantly higher yield than fixed systems. As a result, the optimised tracking of the SunCarrier via the azimuth axis achieves an annual energy yield up to 35 % higher than fixed systems which are aligned to the south.

Daily energy gain by tracking


DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft

Trustworthiness and reliability have been the basis of our cooperation with a+f mbH. Our solar park, consisting of 60 SunCarrier units, is the very first solar park installation realized with SunCarrier tracking systems in Spain. The systems deliver constantly high performance throughout their lifetime of operation. We are happily convinced of the uniqueness and effectiveness of the SunCarrier systems. We are proud of being part of the success story of these products.

Mr Joachim Kruck, Managing Director
DSG Deutsche Solargesellschaft
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