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The new,compact tracking system

SunCarrier 70

The SunCarrier 70 was especially designed for operating locations with a small surface area. With an height of only 4 m and a module surface area of up to 84 m2 providing an output of up to 14 kWp, the SunCarrier 70 delivers highest efficiency on little space.Compact measures, little height, long lifetime, as well as a quick installation keep the choice of the operation location very flexible.

The SunCarrier 70 sets low requests towards local ground conditions (approx. 20 kN/m2 maximum ground pressure of the concrete foundation). Due to its construction, it is additionally very stable and long-lasting (wind loads of up to 144 km/h, snow loads up to 0.8 kN/m2). The SunCarrier 70 is offered in two variations: There is the possibility to choose from concrete foundation and a screw-in foundation with 12 to 16 screws (depending local ground conditions).

High performance in small dimensions

SunCarrier 120

With a construction height of only 4.3 m, the SunCarrier 120 can be installed without any problem in countries with construction height limits. Due to its module surface of approximately 120 m2 the SunCarrier 120 is applicable in a very flexible way. The lower construction height also means less wind load and the resulting development focus on lightweight construction allows the weight of the steel construction to be significantly reduced. There is also the possibility to choose between concrete and screw-in foundation depending on the country-specific requirements and local ground conditions. The module surface of 120 m2 is aligned to track the sun at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal.Depending on the module used, an output of up to 24 kWp can be installed and an increased annual energy yield of up to 40% compared to fixed systems can be achieved.

Optimized Yield through backtracking

SunCarrier 160

Thanks to its low construction height of just 4 m, the SunCarrier 160 system can also be installed without a problem in countries with construction height limits. Depending on the module type, an output of up to 30 kWp can be achieved on a module surface of around 163 m. Due to its innovative geometry, solar modules can be mounted on the SunCarrier 160 at an angle of 40 to the horizontal. Compared to conventional systems, the SunCarrier 160 can generate up to 40 % more annual energy yield.

The integrated backtracking-system prevents the modules from mutual self-shading at a low angle of the sun. Thanks to an accurate tracking of the position of the sun and the provision of time and position using GPS receiver, the system is working with highest accuracy. The system requires only a surface marginally larger than fixed systems. Due to this, SunCarrier generates maximum output while using minimal space and ensures optimal efficiency utilizing the geographical location perfectly.

Maximum achievement up to 287.5 m

SunCarrier 220 | 260 | 300

The SunCarrier 220 / 260 / 300 is a very solid system that is low in maintenance and has a concrete-strip foundation with a diameter of 12 m, which is formlocked to a steel structure with an anti-derailing device.

For the SunCarrier 220 / 260 / 300 the pitch angle of the module surface is 30 towards the horizontal. Thus, the modules that orbit the vertical axis with the tracking system are always aligned precisely towards the sun. The SunCarrier 220 / 260 / 300 feature a module surface area of up to 287.5 m2, which provide an output of up to 53 kWp. Any forces impacting on the system are immediately directed into the foundations via the closed box of the steel structure without affecting the moving parts. This eliminates pitching movements very effectively. The SunCarrier therefore continues to work at maximum output when other systems are deflected by the wind.



Hamburgische Energiehandlung

After years of search, we found the partners we were looking for to establish an investment in future-oriented energies: the a+f GmbH. Our first partnership concept for the purpose of creating a closed fund contains 5 to 10 MWp in Apulia. The first parks have already been connected to the grid and deliver supreme efficient power made out of the sun "Sonnenstrom". A noteworthy pioneering achievement has been accomplished. Such demanding intentions are only feasible if the investor and the operator work together in a close and precise partnership regarding this project which is supposed to last over 20 years. These successful projects build a foundation for a decidedly promising product-line.

Mr. Thomas Ritter and Mr. Helge Janssen, Managing Directors
Hamburgische Energiehandlung
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