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 25+ years Life
 Low in maintenance and long lifetime
 Stable construction (wind loads of up to 144 km/h, snow loads up to 0.8 kN/sqm)
 Worldwide proven with over 6,500 installed SunCarrier entities
 Easy installation

Benefits of the SunCarrier in comparison to conventional tracking system

Any forces impacting on the system are immediately directed into the foundation via the closed box of the steel structure without affecting the moving parts. This eliminates pitching movements very effectively. The SunCarrier therefore continues to work at maximum output when other systems are deflected by the wind.

Many tracking systems seem to be loose or not robust enough. The central mast arm of a long-lasting and stable system must also withstand quickly changing gales, which attack with massive torque. The consequences of insufficiently stable construction include higher levels of materials fatigue and the appearance of a dangerous pitching motion, which can lead to the destruction of the tracking system and the modules.

For every application a suitable solution

To achieve the highest possible energy yields solar plants must adjust their module surface optimally to the current position of the sun. Only this adjustment ensures an optimum angle for capturing sunlight so that maximum yields can then be guaran-teed.The angle for capturing sunlight depends on the degree of latitude as well as the season and time of day. In operational areas between 25 and 55 north or south latitude, the SunCarrier tracking systems provide the perfect adjustment of the solar modules to the current position of the sun. Compared to fixed installations an additional yield of up to 40% can be generated.

For every application a suitable solution



Langley Renovables

Langley Renovables, as technical manager of ALPOSOL FOTOVOLTAICA, owner of a 5 MW PV Plant located in Albacete (Spain), built and operated by a+f, state that the cooperation with a+f GmbH, has been very trustful and satisfying throughout the complete project phase. All production steps have been carried out efficiently and, above all, within he specified time line. Our 150 SunCarrier units really satisfy our expectations with their extraordinary performance. a+f GmbH remains a reliable partner for us.

Mr. Antonio Carrion de Lorenzo, Managing Partner
Langley Renovables
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