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Turnkey project solutions

From soil reports to servicing and maintenance services

SunCarrier Omega is specialised in turnkey project solutions. We provide our customers with complete project management - from planning through to installation of the system and right up to operation. We are experts in customised planning including soil evaluation, detailed installation plan, GPS-supported measurement for the tracking systems and the best possible minimisation of shade on the modules. The SunCarrier, SunCarrier fixed and the SkyCarrier are installed and put into operation in cooperation with certified partner companies and organised according to a pre-defined project plan.

Just-in-time delivery of individual components and an optimised construction process enable synchronised mass production. The assembly sequence of foundation, steel structure and module assembly are narrowly adjusted to each other within daily cycles. To complete the catalogue of services and in addition to a comprehensive security concept, SunCarrier Omega offers to operate the power plant for customers or to undertake servicing and maintenance tasks for decades and beyond.

Turnkey project solutions Overview


Our tracking systems are continuously optimised and refined. A team of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers ensures that our know-how is optimally adjusted to suit the newest generation of modules in every individual project, thereby generating maximum energy output. Even our suppliers are included in the constant ongoing development As a result for example, the inverter and the potential output of the SunCarrier and SkyCarrier are coordinated precisely in the development phase.


Our turnkey project solutions are customised in detail to customer requirements. In addition to a comprehensive cost estimation by our sales employees, by means of a precise GPS measurement our experienced architects prepare ground and site reports and an exact shade calculation. In addition to module allocation and inverter selection, the high level electrotechnical planning also comprises the adjustment of each individual cable cross section to our tracking system by our electrical engineers. Furthermore, our team also supports the customer in the cooperation with local permitting authorities, as part of the approval process.


Your project will be implemented in cooperation with certified local partners. Organisation and monitoring are ensured by our project managers on site. The necessary components are delivered just-in-time, to enable optimal construction progress and synchronised mass production. We look after each individual phase of planning and construction, from providing all necessary approvals, to laying the foundations, to the erection of the steel frame, to the connection of the drive motor and control system. The installation of the modules, including the associated electrical engineering work, the installation of cables to the supply point and the final inspection, also form part of our range of services.

Operation | Service

SunCarrier Omega offers to completely operate the power plants for customers, or to undertake servicing and maintenance tasks for decades and beyond. If required by the customer, we can subject all our power plants to remote monitoring around the clock. In addition to regular reports on all important system parameters, both individual details and selective status requests are possible. A worldwide service network enables fast response times, just in case. Apart from a smooth operation of the power plant, SunCarrier Omega also offers a comprehensive insurance policy, amongst other things for theft, damage or module outage.



Burener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

If we had another solar project like this, we definitely would choose a+f GmbH as project partner.From the first consulting to the final assembling of the systems, the cooperation was highly professional.Within a month all six SunCarrier were installed. Ever since, they work reliable and profit-yielding.

Mr. Heinrich Steinbrecher, CEO
Burener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
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