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The 70 KWp solar tracking system based power plant along with the batteries is an examplary technology showcase project I have seen. Appears to be a very reliable system. The building is also designed completely energy efficient. The project needs to be advertised in the country and replicated at other places also My congratulations to Mr. Sushil Prakash (MD) and his people for the project. Wish them good success.

Mr. M.S. Verma, Member, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

I am highly impressed with solar PV plant, which is meeting the entire load of the building, the system is with tracking system generating 30%-40% more of I am highly impressed with solar PV plant, which is meeting the entire load of the building, the system is with tracking system generating 30%-40% more of electricity. I am told the battery are of first of its kind in India.which will last for 25 years. wonderful My congratulations!!!

Mr. Jagat Jawa, Director General, Solar Energy Society of India, New Delhi

Congratulations!! I can see the future, impressed best installation with Sun Carrier and CellCube battery ever.

Mr. Abhimanyu Dalal, Architect, Abhimanyu Dalal Architects

After visiting the place only I came to know about the green technology, the special construction features the technology, architecture is marvelous, my best wishes for further installation of more solar systems in the country.

Dr. Appu Kuttoon, Director, MANIT, Bhopal

I appreciate the solar plant and renewable energy used in this campus and thank you for contribution towards green energy.

Ms. Soe Soe Naing, Professor, Department Of Chemistry, University of Yangon, Myanmar

There are lot of theories, lectures and conferences on sustainable future. Here one can see practical part of it. It is highly inspiring.

Mr. S.R. Awasthi, Professor, Gyan Ganga Institute Of Technology and Management, Bhopal

Excellent project by SunCarrier Omega and need of the future. This need to be icon for the national policy makers.

Dr. Atul Mishra, Director Training, LNCT, Bhopal



Langley Renovables

Langley Renovables, as technical manager of ALPOSOL FOTOVOLTAICA, owner of a 5 MW PV Plant located in Albacete (Spain), built and operated by a+f, state that the cooperation with a+f GmbH, has been very trustful and satisfying throughout the complete project phase. All production steps have been carried out efficiently and, above all, within he specified time line. Our 150 SunCarrier units really satisfy our expectations with their extraordinary performance. a+f GmbH remains a reliable partner for us.

Mr. Antonio Carrion de Lorenzo, Managing Partner
Langley Renovables
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