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World’s ‘greenest’ manufacturing plant

BHOPAL – July 22, 2013 – Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd., with its solar photovoltaic plant that generates a massive 82% of its total energy requirements, became one of the world’s ‘greenest’ manufacturing plant. Situated in the city of Bhopal in central India, Omega RENK Bearings, a premier manufacturer of slide bearings, set the bar high, and is well on its way to becoming the first manufacturing plant to be powered 100% by solar energy.

The project ORBIS - Omega RENK Bearings Initiative for Solar, is a 1.455 MWp solar PV plant built in three phases. The highly efficient SunCarrier 260 sun-tracking systems used in the project generate about 40% more electricity than similarly rated fixed installations. ORBIS generates 2.8 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year, as against the overall requirement of 3.4 gigawatt-hours of electricity of the Omega RENK Bearings, for its Manufacturing Plants and Administrative offices (including lighting load, air-conditioning, and plant & equipment load).

Manufacturing industry accounts for about one third of total energy use worldwide. The Omega RENK Bearings Initiative for Solar (ORBIS) seeks to impact this large segment of energy-intensive industry where penetration of renewable energy has been insignificant. To ensure greater adoption, policy initiatives in renewable energy have to be supplemented by robust, proven references of successful adoption of renewable energy in the industrial sector. ORBIS is a leading example of such large-scale industrial deployment of solar energy.

The ORBIS initiative proves the feasibility of reliably sourcing a manufacturing plant’s large scale energy requirements through solar energy. It supplements the grid (India currently has a 25% deficit in generation capacity) without depleting scarce fossil fuels, eliminates millions of tonnes of GHG emissions, and provides long-term energy security. Easy to design, configure, the ORBIS solar farm can be built and commissioned rapidly. Its state-of-art remote monitoring and security features, and minimal maintenance requirement makes it very easy to operate. ORBIS provides industry an empirical model of an eco-responsible energy policy, and an enhanced quality of life for its stakeholders.

Speaking about the initiative, Sushil Prakash, the Managing Director, Omega RENK Bearings, said, “Our vision is to be a global leader in manufacturing and supplying slide bearings, and to practice the highest degree of corporate responsibility in executing our business. Sustainability and eco-responsible policies are long term initiatives of Omega RENK Bearings. We are committed to innovating and investing in technologies that prevent environmental degradation, and enhance the quality of life without adversely affecting the ecology”.

About Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd.
Omega RENK Bearings Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of slide bearings; bearing assemblies; white metal lined journal and thrust bearings for Generators, Electric Motors, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines and Pumps; white metal lined slide bearings for Gear Boxes; thrust pads; thrust and guide bearings for Generators and Electric Motors for Hydro projects. Omega RENK Bearings is ISO 9001:2008 accredited, and its products find application in mission-critical projects of its global customers worldwide.

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Napa Valley Country Club

A big thank you from the first United States SunCarrier owner to you and your staff for not only the professionalism, but success you gave to Napa Valley Country Club during the purchase and installation of our new system. We installed the solar tracking unit directly on the golf course. The installation crew worked vigorously rain or shine to complete the project on a very tight time line. I could not be more pleased with the decision I made to purchase a SunCarrier system. To be any kind of a pioneer in this fast paced world we live in, is fantastic.

Todd Meginness, General Manager
Napa Valley Country Club
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