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SunCarrier Omega announces the commissioning of SunCarrier Solar PV and cellcube+ Energy Storage System at DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre in Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India - May 17, 2011 - SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. announced the commissioning of the SunCarrier 120, the sun-tracking solar photovoltaic generator, and the cellcube+ FB 10-100, the large capacity energy storage system, the vanadium redox flow battery, at the DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre Bangalore.


Inaugurating the Technology Centre Bangalore, and the Energy Solutions Park, Dr.Thorsten Schmidt, Member of the Gildemiester AG Board, said, "DMG / Mori Seiki is committed to the adoption of environmentally responsible business practices worldwide, and expect more and more global businesses to incorporate clean energy technologies like solar power into their energy portfolio mix".

DMG / Mori Seiki India offers its customers the most extensive product range in premium machine tools, and supports it with R&D, application solutions, service and education to match, as part of a 360 support. R. Sridhar, Managing Director of DMG / Mori Seiki India, said about the Energy Solutions Park, "Renewable energy is the future for a power starved country like India. By harnessing solar power to meet our energy requirements, we are proud to have taken a small step towards ensuring a safer and cleaner environment for our future generations".

Helping DMG / Mori Seiki India realize its objective of harnessing sustainable energy resources, was SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd., that introduced to India for the first time, SunCarrier, the large format, and highly efficient, sun-tracking Solar photovoltaic generators, and the large capacity vanadium flow batteries, the cellcube+. "The SunCarriers yield 35-40% more energy as compared to static solar PV systems, and the cellcube+ batteries allow storage of solar energy generated during the day to be used to power loads at night, for a 24-hour renewable energy solution", said Sushil Prakash, Managing Director of SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. Further, he said, "We are proud of our association with DMG / Mori Seiki, and this is a live example of how Indian corporates would deploy clean energy technologies as part of their charter to be good corporate citizens".

About SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd.
SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. offers turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions incorporating one of the world's largest sun-tracking systems, the SunCarrier series, and large capacity vanadium redox flow energy storage system, the cellcube+ series. SunCarrier Omega is a joint venture of Omega Renk Bearings Pvt. Ltd. and a+f GmbH, of the Gildemiester Group of Germany. For further information, please visit www.suncarrieromega.com.

About DMG Mori Sieki
DMG / Mori Seiki offers the widest range of extremely reliable machine tools that are distributed worldwide. DMG / Mori Seiki's India headquarter is in Bangalore, with offices in New Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad. For further information, please visit www.dmgmoriseiki.com

SunCarrier Omega Commissioned @ DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre SunCarrier Omega Commissioned @ DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre SunCarrier Omega Commissioned @ DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre SunCarrier Omega Commissioned @ DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre SunCarrier Omega Commissioned @ DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre SunCarrier Omega Commissioned @ DMG / Mori Seiki Technology Centre
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Burener Maschinenfabrik GmbH

If we had another solar project like this, we definitely would choose a+f GmbH as project partner.From the first consulting to the final assembling of the systems, the cooperation was highly professional.Within a month all six SunCarrier were installed. Ever since, they work reliable and profit-yielding.

Mr. Heinrich Steinbrecher, CEO
Burener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
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