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Solar filling station Perugia: PV 7.5 kWp, battery 10 kW, 100 kWh

  • From 0 to 100 on a ray of sunlight
  • Solar mobility = CO2-free mobility

Solar energy is converted by photovoltaic cells to electricity. The electricity is stored by the liquid energy carrier in an energy store and can be recovered as needed. Electric vehicles are charged from plug sockets on the energy store.

Performance (example for Rome)

  • Solar energy available: 13,194 kWh / year
  • Electrical output: 6,524 kWh / year
  • Km-Budget: 65,240 km / year (at 0.1 kWh / km)
  • Fuel savings: 2,610 litre / year (at 4 l/ 100km)
  • CO2-saving: 5.8 t / year

Exceptional properties

  • Optimized solar yield - Two axis tracking PV systemr
  • Rapid charging of vehicle batteries - High charge currents
  • High reliability - State of charge control
  • Installation within few days - Easily transportable
  • Electric Vehicle Specificationsss

Model Battery capacity (kWh) Range (km) Recharge time (h) Charge Power (kW) Battery type
Vectrix Scooter 3.7 55 - 90 3 1.5 Ni/MH
iO 1500GT Scooter 2 50 - 70 3 - 6 0.6 Pb/acid
iO Citybike Vienna 0.2 20+ 1 - 3 0.2 Ni/MH
Flyer T8 bike 0.3 12 - 37 4 - 6 0.06 Li-ion
Lectra VR24 Motorbike 2.6 22 - 40 4 0.44 Pb/acid
EZ Go Golf Cart 7.9 10 10 1 Pb/acid
Smart fortwo EV 15 115 3,5 - 8 2,8 - 3 Na/NiCld



Napa Valley Country Club

A big thank you from the first United States SunCarrier owner to you and your staff for not only the professionalism, but success you gave to Napa Valley Country Club during the purchase and installation of our new system. We installed the solar tracking unit directly on the golf course. The installation crew worked vigorously rain or shine to complete the project on a very tight time line. I could not be more pleased with the decision I made to purchase a SunCarrier system. To be any kind of a pioneer in this fast paced world we live in, is fantastic.

Todd Meginness, General Manager
Napa Valley Country Club
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