SunCarrier Omega

Cellcube - FB 10/100 Energy Storage

  • Long-life vanadium redox flow battery technology
  • Round-the-clock energy supply
Energy Storage

  • Ideally compliments renewable energy (solar, wind,  biomass) for off-grid solutions

Energy Storage


  • Solar energy supply installations: Mobile  communications, radar, telemetry, pumping  stations, automatic milking stations, domestic  residences
Energy Storage

  • Emergency power supplies with long bridging  times: Lifts, control rooms, hotels, office blocks,  tunnel installations, hospitals
  • Intermediate storage for load levelling
Energy Storage

Exceptional Properties

High security and reliability - liquid energy storage medium

Long lifetime - temperature management, robust against deep discharge

High storage stability - optimised reactor design

State-of-charge control - reading of the available energy

High efficiency - multi-stage mode

Low maintenance - smart controller with remote communication

Construction and functional principle of the vanadium redox flow battery

Energy Storage

The vanadium redox flow battery is an electrochemical flow reactor with series-connected electrochemical cells. Each individual cell is internally divided into two half-cells by a membrane. The half-cells are each supplied in parallel with fluid, the energy carrier - also known as electrolyte. On charging energy is supplied, via the electrodes, causing the fluid to be chemically altered in a redox reaction. On discharge the chemical energy of the fluid is released in the reverse reaction and electrical energy can be drawn from the electrodes. When in use the liquid energy carriers are continuously pumped in a circuit between reactor and storage tanks. Electrical energy is supplied to the reactor via a charger and provided to the load via an inverter.



Langley Renovables

Langley Renovables, as technical manager of ALPOSOL FOTOVOLTAICA, owner of a 5 MW PV Plant located in Albacete (Spain), built and operated by a+f, state that the cooperation with a+f GmbH, has been very trustful and satisfying throughout the complete project phase. All production steps have been carried out efficiently and, above all, within he specified time line. Our 150 SunCarrier units really satisfy our expectations with their extraordinary performance. a+f GmbH remains a reliable partner for us.

Mr. Antonio Carrion de Lorenzo, Managing Partner
Langley Renovables
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