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Solar plant with largest sun-tracking solar PV systems commissioned under the REC scheme

The REC scheme of MNRE is successfully promoting the deployment of large scale solar projects. SunCarrier Omega has commissioned a 800 kWp sun-tracking Solar PV plant in its ongoing quest to offer innovative renewable energy deployment options.

BHOPAL – April 27, 2013 – SunCarrier Omega, a premier provider of turnkey renewable energy solutions, commissioned 800 kWp of Solar PV projects under the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) scheme of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) of the Government of India. This incorporates the largest sun-tracking solar PV systems ever commissioned under the REC scheme in India.

In a bid to promote increasing use of renewable sources of energy to fuel India’s growth, the MNRE introduced the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO), and mandated that obligated entities meet 5.5 – 6% of their total power consumption from renewable sources. Of this, 0.15-0.25% was to be sourced from solar power. To facilitate such entities fulfill their RPO, the REC scheme was launched. This allows those that do not have their own sources of renewable energy, to buy tradable RECs to fulfill their obligations. Solar RECs started trading at the two energy exchanges IEX and PXIL, in May 2012. Since then, solar RECs have been trading at close to the forbearance price of Rs. 13,400/- per MWh.

SunCarrier Omega had earlier commissioned a 105 kWp sun-tracking solar PV plant under the REC scheme in June 2012. The second such plant, of 695 kWp, went on stream in March 2013, for an overall capacity of 800 kWp. Situated in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, the solar PV plants of SunCarrier Omega are among the few private enterprises in the state that are aggressively helping the state achieve its professed objective of providing electricity 24x7 to all its citizens.

About SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd.
SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. offers turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions for off-grid applications, and utility-scale grid-tied solar parks under the Government of India’s Renewable Energy Certificate scheme. SunCarrier Omega’s solar solutions incorporate one of the world's largest sun-tracking systems, the SunCarrier series, and large capacity vanadium redox flow energy storage and management system, the Cellcube series, and the WindCarrier wind turbine. SunCarrier Omega is a joint venture partner of GILDEMEISTER Energy Solutions, of the Gildemeister Group of Germany. Winner of the Intersolar AWARD 2012, it commissioned India’s first commercial Net-Zero Energy Building, for which it was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED Platinum rating. For further information, please visit www.suncarrieromega.com..

SunCarrier is the registered trademark of a+f GmbH, Cellcube+, and WindCarrier are the registered trademark of Cellstrom GmbH.

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Napa Valley Country Club

A big thank you from the first United States SunCarrier owner to you and your staff for not only the professionalism, but success you gave to Napa Valley Country Club during the purchase and installation of our new system. We installed the solar tracking unit directly on the golf course. The installation crew worked vigorously rain or shine to complete the project on a very tight time line. I could not be more pleased with the decision I made to purchase a SunCarrier system. To be any kind of a pioneer in this fast paced world we live in, is fantastic.

Todd Meginness, General Manager
Napa Valley Country Club
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