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SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building awarded highest LEED rating

'Padma Shri Mr. C.N.Raghavendran, Chairmanof the CII Chennai Chapter presenting the LEED India Platinum plaqueand certificate to the SunCarrier Omega team

Padma Shri Mr. C.N.Raghavendran, Chairman of the CII Chennai Chapter presenting the LEED India Platinum plaqueand certificate to the SunCarrier Omega team

BHOPAL - October 30, 2012 - SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. has been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED India Platinum rating, by the Indian Green Building Council, licensed by the US Green Building Council, for its Net-Zero Energy Building in Bhopal. LEED Green Building Rating System is an internationally accepted benchmark for sustainable design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings.

SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building awarded highest LEED rating One of the very few net-zero (site) energy buildings worldwide, the SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building has been operational for a year. The facility was designed and constructed with a focus on five key areas of building sustainability: energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air and environment, site sustainability, and materials and construction. The innovative deployment of an integrated on-site solar photovoltaic generator and energy storage system makes it a building fully powered by renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency
Rationalizing energy usage and generation is one of the key features of this facility. Extensive use of daylighting, daylight sensors and occupancy sensors determining the switching on and off of lights, use of low consumption-high lumen LED lamps are some of the measures deployed. As part of a thorough demand-side energy management the roof was painted with high reflective high SRI paint to reduce heat ingress, and double-glazed glass was used for greater thermal insulation. Solar water heating systems supply the building hot water.

To implement supply-side energy sustainability practices, the SunCarrier Omega building has an integrated sun-tracking solar photovoltaic generator, the SunCarrier, coupled with large capacity energy storage and management system, the vanadium redox flow batteries, the Cellcube. This generates, stores and supplies the total electricity required by the building.

Water Conservation
The relatively scarce water recourse has been marshaled carefully. A 100% rain-water harvesting system ensures that all the rainwater is trapped and utilized. Sensor-based low-flow water dispensers and controlled-discharge toilets help conserve water, and in-house waste water treatment facility ensures proper reuse of water.

Indoor Air and Environmental Quality
Improving the quality of indoor air and the work environment has a direct impact on the health and productivity of building occupants. Highly efficient, low-noise air-conditioners have been installed at SunCarrier Omega, which uses ozone friendly refrigerant, HFC R 410, with VRV with remote sensors for each indoor unit to optimize energy consumption. Use of carbon dioxide sensors, coupled with a building automation system, ensures that adequate ventilation is maintained automatically, and that carbon dioxide levels in the building are well within the safe limits.

Site Sustainability
The design of the building site and its maintenance and management plan for its exterior are important components of this sustainable site. Adequate paving and landscaping with an extensive use of native species supports local habitat, and prevents air-pollution, soil erosion and water sedimentation. Reflective roofs and double-glazed glass walls ensure proper thermal insulation.

Materials and Constructionbr> Recycling and reuse are essential elements of sustainable design adopted wherein the grounds and roads were paved with high recycle content pavers and the broken bricks and mortar leftovers from the construction of the building. The building material, itself, has a large local content. Moreover, the ergonomic furniture used is made of wood from specially grown trees (rapidly renewable material) and the wood used in the building is according to FSC guidelines. The adhesives used release no harmful fumes.

Sustainable Habitat
Energy is a vital ingredient for the growth and development of any economy. India suffers a power deficit of about 25%, which seriously impairs the ability of its citizens to contribute to its economy and welfare. Innovative deployment of technologies, as seen at the SunCarrier Omega NZEB, helps create proof-points of feasible, robust and demonstrable application of appropriate technologies that create sustainable energy sources, and combat environmental degradation.

About SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd.
SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. offers turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions incorporating one of the world's largest sun-tracking systems, the SunCarrier series, and large capacity vanadium redox flow energy storage and management system, the Cellcube+ series, and the WindCarrier wind turbine. SunCarrier Omega is a joint venture member of GILDEMEISTER Energy Solutions, of the Gildemeister Group of Germany. For further information, please visit  www.suncarrieromega.com.

SunCarrier is the registered trademark of a+f GmbH, Cellcube+, and WindCarrier are the registered trademark of Cellstrom Gmbh.

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If we had another solar project like this, we definitely would choose a+f GmbH as project partner.From the first consulting to the final assembling of the systems, the cooperation was highly professional.Within a month all six SunCarrier were installed. Ever since, they work reliable and profit-yielding.

Mr. Heinrich Steinbrecher, CEO
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