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SunCarrier Omega wins the Intersolar AWARD 2012 for Solar Projects in India

MUMBAI - November 7, 2012 - SunCarrier Omega, a premier provider of turnkey renewable energy solutions, won the maiden Intersolar AWARD 2012 for "Solar Projects in India". The SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building was awarded in the category of Industrial and Commercial use. The facility has also received the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, LEED India Platinum, the highest award category, for its sustainable design and green practices from the Indian Green Building Council, licensed by the US Green Building Council.

SunCarrier Omega wins the Intersolar AWARD 2012 for Solar Projects in India The SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy building is significant for the energy conservation principles adopted, the integrated renewable energy generation and storage solutions deployed, and for its being a replicable and scalable model that could find application in industries like telecommunications, hospitality, manufacturing, and commercial and residential buildings. This democratizes access to reliable and 'clean' energy, helps preserve earth's environment, and is a viable energy model for developing economies like some of the Asian, African and South American countries with large power deficits and a high incidence of solar irradiance.

The key supply-side components of the SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building are the SunCarrier sun-tracking solar photovoltaic generator, and the Cellcube vanadium redox flow battery. One of the largest of its kind, the SunCarrier generates upto 40% more electricity than similarly rated fixed installation. The SunCarrier systems are available in various configurations, and generation capacities ranging from 4.3 kWp to 53 kWp per unit. Available in capacities of 10 kW and higher, and storage capacities from 40 kWh upto MWh. Cellcube is a large capacity energy storage and management system with a design life of over 20 years of deep-cycle operation.

About SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd.
SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. offers turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions incorporating one of the world's largest sun-tracking systems, the SunCarrier series, and large capacity vanadium redox flow energy storage and management system, the Cellcube+ series, and the WindCarrier wind turbine. SunCarrier Omega is a joint venture member of GILDEMEISTER Energy Solutions, of the Gildemeister Group of Germany. For further information, please visit  www.suncarrieromega.com.

SunCarrier is the registered trademark of a+f GmbH, Cellcube+, and WindCarrier are the registered trademark of Cellstrom Gmbh.

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Napa Valley Country Club

A big thank you from the first United States SunCarrier owner to you and your staff for not only the professionalism, but success you gave to Napa Valley Country Club during the purchase and installation of our new system. We installed the solar tracking unit directly on the golf course. The installation crew worked vigorously rain or shine to complete the project on a very tight time line. I could not be more pleased with the decision I made to purchase a SunCarrier system. To be any kind of a pioneer in this fast paced world we live in, is fantastic.

Todd Meginness, General Manager
Napa Valley Country Club
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