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SunCarrier Omega at the AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme on Power Quality and Distributed Generation

BHOPAL - April 26, 2012 - SunCarrier Omega was invited to be the industrial knowledge partner for a two week Staff Development Programme on Power Quality and Distributed Generation sponsored by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), during April 23 - May 5, 2012. Organized by the Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, the event attracted participation from academicians and faculty members from India's leading Technology Institutes.

SunCarrier Omega at the AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme on Power Quality and Distributed Generation

Issues of reliability and the quality of the power delivery systems, and the related technological advances were discussed in detail during the workshop. The increasing prevalence of distributed power generation, its impact on the grid and its reliability were dealt with. Speaking on the topic of distributed generation, Ms. Dipa Prakash, Director, SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd., shared the case study of India's first commercial net-zero energy building, the SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building (SOPL-NZEB). Sharing the the concept of net-zero energy buildings, she said, "Distributed power generation is a practical solution to the power crisis faced by the industry, and net-zero energy buildings like the SOPL-NZEB help ensure energy security through captive distributed generation, and propagate sustainability through the adoption of eco-responsible energy policies". The workshop participants subsequently visited the SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building for a detailed walk-through of the facilities.

The SunCarrier Omega Net-Zero Energy Building is an off-grid solar powered facility. Energy generated by the sun-tracking SunCarrier solar PV systems feeds the lighting and air-conditioning load for the building, while also charging the large capacity Cellcube vanadium redox flow battery and energy management system. The Cellcube provides adequate power at nights and on days when the solar power generation is inadequate.

About SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd.
SunCarrier Omega Pvt. Ltd. offers turnkey solar photovoltaic energy solutions incorporating one of the world's largest sun-tracking systems, the SunCarrier series, and large capacity vanadium redox flow energy storage and management system, the Cellcube+ series, and the WindCarrier wind turbine. SunCarrier Omega is a joint venture member of GILDEMEISTER Energy Solutions, of the Gildemeister Group of Germany. For further information, please visit  www.suncarrieromega.com.

SunCarrier is the registered trademark of a+f GmbH, Cellcube+, and WindCarrier are the registered trademark of Cellstrom Gmbh.

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Hamburgische Energiehandlung

After years of search, we found the partners we were looking for to establish an investment in future-oriented energies: the a+f GmbH. Our first partnership concept for the purpose of creating a closed fund contains 5 to 10 MWp in Apulia. The first parks have already been connected to the grid and deliver supreme efficient power made out of the sun "Sonnenstrom". A noteworthy pioneering achievement has been accomplished. Such demanding intentions are only feasible if the investor and the operator work together in a close and precise partnership regarding this project which is supposed to last over 20 years. These successful projects build a foundation for a decidedly promising product-line.

Mr. Thomas Ritter and Mr. Helge Janssen, Managing Directors
Hamburgische Energiehandlung
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